Never wear black with colour. It makes the colour look cheap and the black look boring ~ Fashion Robot

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does anyone else feel kinda chubby sometimes when ur on the computer


so u just take ur shirt and


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Happy 43rd birthday, David! (April 18th, 1971) 

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I am fully on board with this theory by the-lady-swan and scapeartist of Glinda (played by Sunny Mabrey on the left) being the currently unborn child of Snow and Charming (which, you have to admit, the resemblance is scary), and here’s further evidence to support this theory.

At first, I thought with all of the baby blue in Mary Margaret’s wardrobe (she literally has a baby blue article in every episode so far) meant that she was going to be having a boy, because wardrobe is just as important as dialogue sometimes. But it could also be made to throw us off. The baby blue clothing could be trying to make us think they’re having a son when, in reality, their child will indeed be a girl.

Second, this version of Glinda has been described as “elegant, warm and benevolent, as well as wise, clever and shrewd.”

shrewd - adj. - having or showing sharp powers of judgement; astute.

I don’t know about you guys, but that sounds a lot like Emma and her “superpower” with lying. And further in that article reads: “However, years of isolation have made her lonely and cautious — though at her core, she is a steadfastly filled with optimism,” which sounds just like Snow’s journey when she was on the run from the Evil Queen. Optimism runs in her family. And if that theory is correct, with the time going screwy, she’ll be torn from her family.

Third, Glinda is a Welsh name, meaning “clean, holy; good”. If they were going to make a character the sister of “The Savior”, it wouldn’t be a coincidence that the character’s name means holy, a connotation that goes with a savior.

It has been said in interviews by Adam and Eddy that the Snowing baby would be connected to Aurora and Phillip’s baby (I searched for the exact article but couldn’t find it) and no I’m not talking about the joking Mommy and Me class comment, and Sarah Bolger tweeted that she and Julian Morris were filming while they were filming 3x19 “A Curious Thing”, which is when we will be introduced to Glinda. It would make sense to bring those characters back for the connection to Snow and Charming’s baby if their child is introduced in that episode as well.

These were just a few things I found about the upcoming episode with Glinda, and I just find that theory amazingly awesome and now want it to happen.

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do you ever feel like sending Helen O’Donoghue a big bouquet of flowers with a “well done” card? because I do

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Reblog if you post OUAT


Especially Outlaw Queen and Captain Swan.. I’m looking for new blogs to follow!

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OUAT WonderCon


So Adam, Eddy, Josh, Rebecca & ‘special guests’ are attending WonderCon tomorrow. (1.00 pm PST)

There’ll be a Q&A after the lucky attendees get to watch 3.18 “Bleeding Through”

No Live Stream sadly but hopefully someone will be taping the panel…and press interviews would be nice too!

Really want some finale spoilers and season 4 set up hints…together with Captain swan info of course ;)

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I feel like Hook is the single most quotable character on this show. I am in love with practically everything that comes out of his mouth.”

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I love how, even though the last episode made us CSers devastated, you guys rally through making hilarious and genius comic strips and artwork for the rest of us to be able to cope.

Love you guys.

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Once upon a Time Clip - What's That Noise?


New Sneak Peek !

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My sister and I have a headcanon that Jane is Belle and the Beast’s grandaughter.

and I think this further proves our point…


Which would explain why she understand Tarzan, he sort of reminds me of Beast in attitude…. he is sort of a Beast… hmmm. I like your headcanon. 

I agree. Professor Porter said that she got her wild stories from her mother. Belle had wild stories, which turned out to be true, just like Jane’s story about Tarzan was true.

This must be shared, with EVERYONE!



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A Kiss Goodnight


Just a little CS drabble I did of Emma saying goodnight to Killian shortly after finding out about the curse.  ENJOY!


“It’s getting late,” Killian said as he stood up from the kitchen table.  “Nothing much more we can do tonight.”

“I’ll walk you out,” Emma said as she got up as well.

“Meet us at Granny’s tomorrow morning,” Charming said told him as he watched him walk to the door.  “We’ll talk about this further.”

He gave a little nod.  “I’ll be there.”

Emma followed him to the door.  “Quite a day, huh?”

“I don’t know,” he said as he turned into the hallway.  “Just another day in Storybrooke.”

Emma smiled as she closed the door behind her.  “Good point.”  She gave him a soft smile as she took a step towards him, filling in the gap tat stood between them.  “We’ll figure this out, Killian…we’ll beat her together.”

“I have no doubt, Swan.”

She then leaned into him, reaching up on her toes as her mouth moved closer to his own.  “Relax,” she murmured when she felt him stiffen and then grazed her lips against his scruffy cheek.  “Since I can’t let you kiss me goodnight…I figured that would have to do.”

His eyes bore into hers as she leaned back slightly, giving him a little smile as she gently caressed the side of his face.   “Oh, I believe we can do better than that, love,” he murmured as he snaked his hook arm around the small of her back and pushed her up against him.

Her heart quickened as his hand cupped the back of her neck, his name came out of her mouth like a wishful prayer as his lips pressed against her forehead.  Her jaw dropped open in a silent groan as he kissed her eyelid, then the other…before trailing his lips down her cheek.

His thumb brushed against her bottom lip as he nibbled enticingly along her jaw…sampling her as if she were some delicious, decadent desert.  A soft moan emerged from the back of her throat as his teeth scraped her earlobe, sending chills coursing through her entire body.

He backed her up against the wall as he nuzzled her neck as his clever mouth and tongue traveled down the base of her neck, then kissed his way down the slope of her shoulder as he tugged down her blouse with his hook.

Her hands got lost in his hair as he nipped along her collarbone and then arched her neck when he scattered long, lingering kisses up the line of her throat.   She let out a shaky breath as she lifted a leg around his waist, arching her hips when his hand cupped the back of her knee.

Desperately wanting to feel her lips on his skin as well, she turned her face into the crook of his neck, nibbling at his ear while he continued to taste her skin with lips and tongue.   Her tongue playfully flicked his earring and he let out a strangled groan of pleasure as he grinded enticingly against her.

They were both breathless by the time he finally lifted his head…inches apart as they felt each other’s warm breaths fanning against their lips.  His hand slowly guided her leg down and then he gently tilted her chin up with his hook until their eyes fluttered open and met.

“Good night, Swan,” he finally said with a hint of a smile as he slowly backed away.

Her breath was choppy, her heart was racing and she wanted nothing more than to go with him…to go to his room at Granny’s and finished what they started.  They didn’t have to kiss to be together…they didn’t have to let the witch win.

But it wasn’t right…it’s not what either of them wanted and they both knew it.  When they finally were able to get together they wanted to do it right…she wanted to kiss him…she wanted to feel those lips upon hers and one day she’d be able to do just that.

It just wasn’t that day.

“Good night, Killian.”

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Reblog if you post Once Upon a Time and i’ll follow you!

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Emma Swan + Showing off her Mad Skills to Killian

(…with a bonus gif. I don’t even know anymore)

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